14,000 Square Feet of Process-Driven Aerospace Manufacturing from 7000 feet AGL.

Kinetic Defense focus is Advanced Composites and Ballistic Systems crafted by artisans with serious experience. The expanding team is led by Jim Corning, an MIT Aerospace graduate and former FAA Designated Engineering Representative. 

Jim’s contributions on the Air Tractor aircraft family continue to positively impact the agriculture industry and life & liberty. We continue to operate best with companies that demand the most because that mentality yields success. 

Primary customers include innovative OEMs that convert Type Certificated airframes and their applications. Our detailed design, production methods and on-time delivery are what define us. And we do this meaningful work in the great state of Arizona, an incalculable bonus. 


Kinetic Defense is production-minded design. Ready to serve you.



Jim is a mechanical engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, he has been solving problems in the aviation industry since 1985. Prior to founding Kinetic Defense in 2005, Jim worked on F-111s and F-16s at General Dynamics, was a Flight Analyst at the FAA Fort Worth Aircraft Certification Office, worked in Engineering at Mooney Aircraft, and was a Consulting Engineer and FAA-DER for engines and powerplant installations. He founded what is now Novakinetics Aerosystems in 1996 to build high-performing composite parts for aircraft industry customers, and
founded Kinetic Defense in 2005, when the State Department needed Huey II armor quickly for helicopters deploying to Afghanistan.
At Kinetic Defense, Jim has designed armor for the US Department of State, the Iraqi and Afghan forces, the Colombian Navy, and a variety of other clients. Kinetic Defense armor is FMS qualified on
the MD530, and we stand ready to apply the existing test and qualification data to other airframes as well.



Perry has extensive experience in Quality Management, warranty service, and customer service, starting in the construction industry and bringing lessons learned to managing our AS9100 Quality Management System. Perry likes to quote Edward Deming and keep us on our toes! In his spare time, Perry rescues animals and works on his off-grid residence east of Flagstaff.



Daniel has 12+ years experience in a variety of leadership roles at both Novakinetics and Kinetic Defense, building armor and composites, running departments, and now serving as Production
Manager for both Armor and Composites. When he's not planning to overcome production challenges, Daniel can be found organizing Airsoft teams and events in northern Arizona.



Josh is a recent graduate of the NAU Mechanical Engineering program, and has experience with armor, composites, and radome design. Josh has already designed and qualified a Ka/Ku band radome that met Class A efficiency requirements! If you're looking for Josh on the weekend, better take a fishing pole and know the best spots in the Southwest.



Amanda has 10 years' experience in composites and ballistic protection manufacturing and management. She started at Kinetic Defense, cutting Kevlar and sewing ballistic blankets for Mi-17s, worked in and then supervised Novakinetics composites manufacturing departments. She took a stint building composite outrigger canoes in Hawaii and spent a couple of years building prepreg composite structures at a well-known Arizona helicopter company. Amanda is now in charge of turning our engineering designs into well-planned production parts and manufacturing processes.

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